The Lily Pond: Breaking Light Over Susan's Bench

When I got up in the morning, the online weather radar looked like a real mess, and there were dire warnings about the possibility of severe thunderstorms. I drove to work under dark and dreary skies, waiting for the rain, knowing that even if it WAS raining, I was stopping by the Arboretum to check on the tulips. No, rain doesn't stop me much!

But what a surprise awaited me. As I pulled into the Arboretum parking lot, the dark skies parted and the sun came out! There were god-beams in the sky, and I wanted to try for some pictures of them reflected on the lily pond.

The light is always good in this very spot, looking to the east, toward campus. The special light in the sky seemed to be centered right over Susan's bench. It was around this time last year that we learned of her passing, and the beams shining over her bench seemed a fine way to honor and remember Susan.

The song to accompany this image of breaking light and dramatic skies is the Jeff Healey Band, with See the Light.

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