Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Running grin

Enjoyable day today. Made papardelle with Missy-moo - and a bit of help from the young lad at the end. Then we went down to the 'Riff, to a park a friend told us about - to meet with her and her kids. There's a path sweeping around a large park, with cool exercise equipment dotted along it. The kids had a great deal of fun - as did mrs tsuken and I. We then wandered along and across and through the park to a more kid-oriented playground - which still had cool fun exercise stuff, and some good older-style play equipment (rather than all the crap-on-springs-that's-safe-but-doesn't-do-anything-fun that pervades kids' playgrounds nowadays). Mexican then for lunch, and home for COFFEEEEEE.

Then I trained, and it went well.

Then Missy-moo and I made a bolognese ragu to accompany our papardelle. It rocked.

Then I processed a tonne of photos; some of which are on teh flickrz. This was the one I just kept coming back to:

Bettr; Flickr.

I think I panned very slightly as he ran past, which I'm guessing gave the almost-swirl.

SMC Pentax-M 1:2 50mm @ f4, I think; K-30.

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