By happyhound

Chavs of yesteryear?!

What do you think? Was S. Fisher 1922 some sort of feckless 'oik' that drifted aimlessly up to the top of Beamsley Beacon one day (more by luck than judgement) and set about chipping his name into the landscape?


Is it fascinating to happen across these 'names-gone-by' and wonder at who they may have been, and muse over the eternal draw of climbing the Beacon; attractive to the active even in centuries past?

How would we feel if we saw someone today carving their 'tag' into the stonework? What if we all did it? Who is S. Fisher anyway? (S. Fisher may well have been a wonderful and fantastic person, and of course I am just being sensational, this outrageous casting of aspersions may save a few of you from the need to read the Sunday supplements.)

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments, hearts and stars on my 100th blip yesterday, it's fair to say I am hooked...

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