One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The odd couple

Gerard very rarely goes "into town". But he is firmly intent on going to the Street Performance World Championships on Merrion Square (as a spectator, I must point out).

Julie has been at an all night party. One of her false eyelashes is beginning to peel off.
She got a text message from a friend 45 minutes ago, asking her to work for the day at the Street Performance World Championships on Merrion Square. Something involving wearing white leotards and cycling around the place handing things.
And making EUR100 in the process. That's if she manages to stay upright on a bike.
Which is doubtful.

Iarnrod Eireann is right for once. You won't see this in your car.

Well, not mine anyway, it's full of bickering kids, and useless McDonald's gadgets. And water bottles. And rain coats and wellies in 12 different sizes. And crumbs (ranging in size from an atom to the size of a lap dog).

Following last night's culinary extravaganza in L'Ecrivain, my first morning farts were of still of Michelin standard.
Thanks a million Miriam for the voucher. Amazing it was!

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