Downtown Admiralty

Headed into town today to apply for a Thai visa as Martin and I will be going there soon. I was super cranky with them because, as I am not employed by an organisation, and couldn't produce a "No objection certificate" (to travel) they wanted me to write a letter to the consulate saying that I wanted to go on holiday and so and so, signed by me .... REALLY!!!

I had given them all the documents they needed, and I still had to write a letter! I told her that I live all the way in DB, and didn't really want to go all the way home to produce a letter, and so could I handwrite it but no, she wasn't having it. Aaaggh!!!! What is it with consulate/embassy people.

Luckily there is a printing/ photocopying/document office in the nearby Lippo Centre that I was able to go to and produce said letter ... And be back in time to submit my application. So it's done and I pick up my visa on Friday. Phew!

Today is the man's birthday. Got to speak with him and find out how he's doing. Still has a cough, but definitely on the mend. He went to see the penguins off Philip Island today, he was really chuffed with that.

Ben's IBs are going okay. He had Japanese today and the second one tomorrow! I'm so proud of him that he can actually read and write Japanese let alone sit an IB exam in it.

So this is a picture of downtown Admiralty looking up to Mid Levels. It's a concrete jungle with and a rather busy part of town with some pretty wild traffic. So I'm hoping this will do for this week's Wild Wednesay challenge.

P.S. The extra is one of my favourite buildings in HK, Bank of China tower.

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