Warfleet Creek, Dartmouth

Warfleet is from the old Saxon 'welflut', meaning 'stream that runs down to the creek'. It's a small part of Dartmouth I'd not visited before - or certainly not on foot along green footpaths, rather than road. The path from this creek leads up to the castle where I have often been - usually when we have visitors - as it's a nice place in itself with great views of the mouth of the Dart, with Dartmouth on one side and Kingswear on the other side of the river.

Half a dozen of our Dartmouth Digipix U3A group met to go on a photo-shoot together. We had wonderful weather for it - bright sunshine - almost too bright at times. (Still cool for the time of year, mind you.) Of course, when I got home, I was spoilt for choice which to blip. 

I chose this one for the impact of the huge wall against which this house is built. The Extra shows the other side of the house, with the river in front of it. It's more of a picture-postcard image, offering context for my blip choice, but less drama.

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