Freedom is not just another word for ...

The road in between the golf courses at Gleneagles, Scotland with a great view of the Ochils, in an abstract version for Abstract Thursday (original in the extra, simple edit in PS Elements 13, Cut Out Filter and Comic Filter). With thanks to youoregon1, out Abstract Thursday host.

It's Liberation Day in The Netherlands, the day we celebrate the freedom after years of occupation, now 71 years ago. Freedom is nothing to take for granted, most certainly not in today's world. Just think how lucky we are that we are free to think what we want, believe what we want, vote for whom we want and how we can write down and publish (most of) what we want, within our own responsibility and the restrictions that this responsibility gives us. It's not another word for nothing left to lose, it's something extremely precious, something to handle responsibly.

Thanks very much for your kind comments for yesterday's commemoration Blip ! I'm still lagging behind but with hopes that by tomorrow I will feel even better and will be more able to sit at the table and comment more.

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