By lights

Field trip

This is Gülhane Parkı. And if you know me, you can guess which shoes i like to wear when it's raining. Toms! (2nd time i'm mentioning toms btw) I of course don't wear toms on purpose but when we are in May, i just don't think the weather would be rainy.
The highlight of the day is that we missed 2 periods lol. Aside from joking, we went to a museum which was about islam and science and the history of it. It was pretty fascinating to see all the stuff they used for astronomy, maths, physics, medicine etc.
After the museum, we went to a restaurant.  These trips are great for both learning and bonding with friends. I can write soo much more and i can use grammer b because it's cool, but i'll stop here. See you!

On the extras, there is a photo of my class taken by our teacher Emre Erkorkmaz.

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