Roman Cramond

Busy day today, queuing up with KryptoMart at 10am for free Comics Day at Forbidden Planet, before picking up all the tickets for next week's cruise. After that we had lunch at Morrisons before going to Cramond to get some walking in.

At the Maltings in Cramond there was this brilliant little exhibition telling the history of Cramond from Mesolithic times, with loads of really interesting exhibits.

I am particularly interested in Roman Cramond since I covered Romano-British archaeology in my History Degree at the University of Wales.

Cramond Roman Fort may be the "Rumabo" listed in the 7th-century Ravenna Cosmography. The fort was established around 140 AD and occupied until around 170, with a further period of occupation from around 208 to 211. Among the many archaeological finds, one of the most famous is a sculpture known as the Cramond Lioness.

Hope you have all had a great Saturday

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