Too cool for school

Had a lovely, busy, day with my sister and Mum today.  Got up reasonably handy, and my sister came over after dropping my niece at school.  My sister is doing weekly collections for refugee aid, and I got to help her out today.  We unloaded last week's lot from her car (she ended up in hospital after collecting the last lot, so hadn't had time to unload yet), then headed down to the collection point and waited for kind people to bring us clothing and food supplies.  Not a huge number of people, but a massive amount of stuff!

My Mum scooted down to meet me for some lunch and I left my sister (and her friend who' d joined her by then) to it for an hour or so.  Went to a really lovely café with my Mum and we had a delicious lunch and a cheeky glass of wine, too.  I then headed back to help my sister again, just in time for a lovely lady to come and give us a van-load of stuff!  Got everything sorted and bagged up, and then went back to my Mum's.

My sister got the kids from school and came back over, and her husband joined us later, too.  We all had pizza for tea, and quite a bit more wine, and hung out in the garden until it started to get dark.  I had fun playing badminton with my nephew - and he then put his funky, very-definitely-not-school, shoes on for the walk back home.  They are so cool, and I am trying my hardest not to be envious of a 12 year old boy, honest... ;)

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