Eagles trading places on the Nest

I arrived at the Eagle's Nest about noon and Mom was sitting on the nest but Dad arrived a short time later. He landed on a branch away from the nest and sat there for quite awhile; since he came in with no food so we thought he might be worried about facing his mate.   :-))   Finally he flew to the nest and took over his duties on the nest. She circled overhead for awhile and then flew off toward the lake, but she came back before long screaming. We looked up to see a young bald eagle circling near by....but soon he had his own problems with a red tailed hawk bombing him. They circled for awhile and when they got too close to the nest the Mom screeched very loudly. Finally they flew off. I left to drive home but near my home I saw the hawk and young eagle turn talon to talon....I quickly grabbed my camera, but the photos were not the best. I will add one in the extra, but remember it isn't great. I will also add a photo of Mom when she was in the nest....she has her wings open to shade the babies.  FYI....the parents did bring in food for the babies a couple times before I arrived. This photo was taken right before they changed places on the nest. Dad is sitting about her in the nest.

Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments, stars and hearts for my rose yesterday..

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