Strike a Pose: Downward Facing Chipmunk

The cat was chittering, looking out the deck doors. But I wasn't sure what he was chittering AT. Then I spotted it: one of the chipmunks was dissing the cat, hanging out on the deck, running all around, snacking on who knows what.

As soon as I moved closer with my camera, the chipmunk saw me through the glass doors and skittered to the edge of the deck. Then it jumped off the deck quite gracefully and climbed a tree next to it.

My first thought is that chipmunks are more of a ground animal, not so much a tree climber, but that's just what this one did. It climbed up in a very agile fashion (do they have GLUE on their toes?), turned around, and faced down, then struck this very alert pose: Vogue!

The tune: Madonna, Vogue.

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