By GracieG


There we were, in the middle of the afternoon in our quiet respectable estate of bungalows, with their neatly kept lawns and immaculate gardens, kneeling on the verge beside the road, picking loads of daisies.  A couple made a friendly comment in jest as they passed, but you could just tell they thought we were nuts.  It’s difficult to explain to ‘non-blippers’ why this made perfect sense.

Happily those reading this will understand.  Five hundred photos, five hundred memories, some more photogenic than others, but always a buzz when comments, or awards are received.  Blipfoto was different when I began loading my first tentative images two years ago.  When it was threatened with closure I realised just how much it meant to me, so I’m proud to have donated and helped to save this wonderful that is what makes blipfoto so special.

So a huge thank you to those of you who take the time to look at my images and respond...believe me I never take this for granted.

While I had the daisies I took an additional photo...see extras

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