But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


While I did take some “real” photographs today; I felt I should respond to the “wide angle Wednesday” challenge with the theme of circles. For those of you not familiar with my habits, I ride tricycles for fun, and amongst members of the fraternity the unofficial motto is, “Tricycles are twicycles as nicycles,” a spoof on the (I think) 1960s breakfast cereal advertising jingle; I'm afraid Google is not very forthcoming on that sort of detail.
The Blip was taken at the end of today’s cycle club run to Culross (over the second Firth of Forth bridge to Fife) where we had our picnic lunch in the community garden. On the return trip, I had intended to document the progress of the third bridge, but time was running out and I had a meeting tonight. Remarkably, the new “crossing,” the authorities don’t like referring to it as a bridge, is still on budget, on time, and due to be opened later this year.
For some reason, my mind was still fixated on Mono Monday and, by the time I had realised and tried a colour version, I didn’t like it; But then, it is a picture without any artistic merit.
I’m grateful to BobsBlips for hosting the challenge this week.

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