Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Ridgeway Sunset

It's been a lovely sunny day which has seen me in my short trousers! I had a scheduled job this evening and primed Mrs BB that I was going off to get a 'sunset photo' afterwards.

I had intended to go to Machen Common but at the last moment, turned off and headed to the top of Ridgeway, Newport, that has stunning views over the Bristol Channel on one side and Machen Mast and Twmbarlwm Mountain and Cwmbran on the other. The sun was setting over the latter.

As I was happily snapping away, I saw a chap with a 'large camera' and and an even longer lens, who wasn't far away. I nodded hello, and walked towards him. As I approached, I recognised him as a former work colleague from the late 1970's who had to leave the service early. We chatted for ages, clicking away, watching the sun go down. Way after the sun had set, the sky started glowing red and eventually said our goodbyes about 9.30pm. We will keep intouch. It appears he is a very keen photographer, too.

The blip photo shows Machen Mast (left) and Twmbarlwm Mountain (an Iron Age Hillfort with norman motte on top) as the one on the right. I like the red glow caught on Newport Fishing lakes in the valley surrounded by the golf course.

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