What The Blip!

By JebusBlips

Post War Glamour

Up early today to drive to Stansted for my flight to Berlin. This weekend represents race no. 4 in my 12+1 challenge. For other entries covering previous races in this challenge click here or here.

Had a relatively traffic free journey and arrived in good time although took a while to find a space in the Orange Car Park which should have been an indication of how busy security screening would be.

Indeed it took about 30 mins to get through security; a coffee purchased I headed to the train that shuttles passengers to the outer gates. Despite the screens in the main terminal announcing "Final Call" for our gate I arrived to find nobody boarding. In fact I don't think the plane was even there. Shortly after my friend Chu arrived and we waited to do the Ryanair boarding dance.

Fast forward, and having arrived safely in Berlin we used the Metro and Chu's logical head and sense of direction to get to the Expo where we queued some more (but with German efficiency) to collect our race numbers and wristbands. All done with the Expo we decided to walk to our hotel, which with hindsight may not have been the best idea but walk we did.

Arcotel John F located we checked in, unpacked our race gear and headed out for food and an explore.

On our hunt for food (our first choice restaurant was closed) we passed by this post war building, now the City Hostel Berlin where my shot was made more dynamic by the camera shy passing cyclist.

Tomorrow I race.

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