Stopped by for a chat..

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
Benjamin Franklin

When you get a phone call from upper management, telling you to drive 60 miles out of route for a chat it could end up being an interesting day..

I was told multiple times how and when I was violating company policy and asked why was I doing it.. I credit my first boss for being prepared if a day like this happened.. She told me anytime you have a disagreement write it down and lock it away. Nobody can follow policy perfectly..

After going to get my laptop I had most of what they we talking about, dates, times, and with who.. Needless to say they were a little surprised. The short story is if I have a question I ask it, sometimes it is answered and sometimes it is not.. So what I would do if I got no answer was to use my experience, judgment and made the decision myself to get the job done. I was very surprised when they pulled up on the screen every single one I saved and more (they verified each one since screen shots can be made up) .

After awhile my bosses boss noticed the pattern first. Graveyard shift. They work them very hard in the office so they skip the little things but those sometimes are the most important. Most of the time they said I did the right thing but they don't want drivers to go and do things themselves. Drivers mess up on average more than they get it right.

After the end of the 60 minute chat I learned somethings, know what I need to improve on, and was told that they have been having a lot of trouble finding people to work graveyard shift.. I was also thanked for being willing to talk openly and admit I need to learn the new ways of the new company.. 

This is one reason I stay working here. Enough good management that will work with you... If you are willing to work on improving yourself too. 

14 hour day today, 14 hour day tomorrow and looking forward to going home around the 19th of May... 

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