OCA blossom

Spent the morning helping to man a stall on the EU in/out debate in the village. I won't state which side I stand for as I don't think this is an appropriate forum for that topic, but I hope it's obvious from my previous posting which way I will be voting.

The days started well, new record low weight and best ever 7-day average. The morning on the stall went well and we engaged with lots of people - on both sides of the debate and I think we had positive discussions - more reasoned than the petty school yard slanging match at the national level.

Today's blip is some blossom on an ornamental tree that we had our pitch under, I'm not sure what it is but there's lots of blossom on it at the moment and I thought it came out rather well as a blip!

Going to make jam this afternoon, I think and then tomorrow probably have a bike ride!

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