Waiting for Mum!

I went for a walk around the lake late this afternoon :)
 What a mess, rubbish bins overflowing and people as usual with dogs in the water.  I am surprised there were any coot babies, or goslings or ducklings!

Anyway, nearing the end of my walk I sat down on a seat for a moment and suddenly spied these baby coots (I'm not sure what they're called?.  Love their bald-headedness, very cute :)

I spent a long time with my smaller Canon, leaning forward, trying to get the best shot...  I still can't decide which one.  The rest of my 100 pictures taken at the lake are in flickr.  

There are also a couple in my extras, one of which I don't know the name, but wondered if it were a shag?  Thanks to Paola, I now know its a grebe!

DVD night because there isn't much on TV this week :)

Happy Sunday folks :)

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