All part of the story

By Treshnish

Sweet Cicely in the moonlight

Up far too late, but the moonlight was so bright and walking and looking and listening to the night while everyone else was asleep was exhilarating - and the sight of the Sweet Cicely in the moonlight was so pretty.  I did give the cottages a wide berth. I imagined the unsuspecting guests looking out of the window at 2am and seeing a strange figure wandering around in the field with the tups and a head torch..luckily no one spotted me.  Unsurprisingly I have been knackered today. Thankfully it has been cloudy so I have been catching up in the office.  Back to Oban tomorrow for another Sage tutorial.

We walked the dogs down below the house late afternoon.  Early purple orchids; carpets of bluebells, one whitebell; Marsh marigolds; banks of Primrose; Pea vetch; Sea pink; unfurling ferns; Sea campion.. heaven on a dull cloudy day.   

Looking at my blip now I regret that I didn't do some much longer exposures to get better depth of field - my excuse is that it was quite windy.  The aurora was exceptionally strong given the moon and the light from the fading sunset/rising sun - see extra. 

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