By Third_eye

A secret lies within

This box has been in my possession for many years. I see it every day and have often thought I should write something about it, such as how I came by it and why it holds such a place in my memory.

It clearly once contained tea. All the clues are there, from its shape and size and the wood grain - a miniature version of the real tea chests that we all knew and loved because they were part of our heritage, used as packing cases when we moved house (before the invention of purpose-built plastic boxes - around about the 1980s if I remember rightly) and bringing back memories of the great "tea clippers" - those massive speedy sailing ships such as the famous Cutty Sark, that kept our tea-drinking nation supplied with the beloved beverage.

I got to know the Cutty Sark well when I lived close to Greenwich where she is now berthed as a part of British history and is, once again a leading visitor attraction since her almost complete rebuild after the disastrous fire which nearly wiped her out of existence, and in my one-time role as a tourist guide I learned much of her history and have many stories to tell, but here is not the place for them because I must continue with the story of this little wooden box and show you what it now contains . . .

. . . but I think I have said enough for now, so I'll just thank you kindly for reading this little teaser, and continue the story tomorrow.

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