Flower ...........

 ...... Friday20 (FF20) ...... with the "twist" ...... Glass.

I know (or I've seen) that this effect can be done with a post-processing program or an app however I am old school and did it with a couple of flowers in a vase (in front of the window) and a real-life magnifying glass (see extras for my hand holding the magnifier in a different position).
I really like the effect and will probably use it again at some point.

This is, amazingly, the same Gerbera that I photographed on 10th May but it is not the same daisy I used last week!!!

Looking forward to seeing all your takes on the twist this week - as well as all the flowers that you have photographed going with the original challenge.

Thank you for all your comments and stars on my abstract cheesey biscuits yesterday - I ate my subjects after "studio time" and very nice they were too    :o))

Next week's FF twist will be announced on Sunday - with a couple of reminders through the week.

~ Anni ~


The more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap.
Stay safe, eat cake!!!!

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