A frog he would a-wooing go

And several of his mates, too - what a racket they made! I'm not sure what variety of frog they were in Alésia,  Pays de l'Auxois. EDIT: I now discover they are toads - Natterjacks. They all had a yellowy-green stripe down their backs, though some were green and others more brown. They were blowing out their cheeks and unbelievably LOUD.  

We were visiting the most amazing Roman remains and museum. Spent all day there;  so much to see. Then back to our Ibis room. That's another amazing thing. Got chatting to a biker who's a Brit living in France, but staying in this area for a bikers' rally - the second biggest such event in Europe, apparently. So we soon discovered that we both haled from Lincolnshire. It's a big county, and I come from a small market town - a bit of a backwater, really. People have either never heard of the place, or they were born there. Yup! This chap was born there, in the same hospital as I was, but two years earlier. His family left the Brigg area to move to Lincoln when he was 13, though, so he didn't remember many people from there, nor teachers from the grammar school he attended briefly, and where my father taught. Small world, eh!

It was as hot today as it was cold yesterday. Rain forecast for tomorrow though, with strong winds as we head further south. Loving the glimpses of irises and wisteria growing everywhere.

EDIT Have now uploaded some movie of the noisy toads. You can see it and listen to them here.

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