If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


Not a typical Saturday, nobody in the lodge so no rush of preparation/cleaning.  During the morning we had a wander round the town and dispatched a couple of kilograms of Cumberland sausage to the midlands.  An ex-pat is visiting UK from NewZealand but he is only here for a week and couldn't get north for the Cumberland sausage of his youth.

Anyone who knows "proper" Cumberland sausage (thick, herby and spicy, NOT in links and definitely not in those silly twirls which somehow over the last 10 years or so have become the "traditional way to serve it) knows that being deprived of a rare chance to get this delicacy would be a tragedy, so we helped him out.

In the afternoon following a microwave transplant at the lodge we had a drive down the lake.  Aira was our parking place of choice (one of the advantages of being a NT member free parking).  I decided to break away from my normal style and try a bit more processing of the shot for a change.

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