Rosehips and Hula skirts

Here’s an emergency blip of a rosehip with a bit of fiddling. I’ve just taken Christina to the airport for her return flight to Wellington, which was a little delayed but she should be home between 9.30 and 10pm.  We had a fairly lazy Sunday today, but went over for afternoon tea at Jonathan and Lynley’s house so that Gran could give the children their birthday presents.
After a little confusion (Gran had forgotten what day it was, and was planning to go over tomorrow) Christina went to pick her up and as usual she wanted to bring Naani. Jonathan wasn’t that keen on the idea, but the dog proved a handy distraction when it became clear that Simone wasn’t overly impressed with the pink Hawaiian skirt that Gran had brought her (in addition to a toy puppy, of course!)  “I don’t like dressing up!” she said, with a grumpy face. Christina, after first donning the skirt herself and giving a quick impromptu Hula demonstration, wore it as a wig, before putting it on Naani.  The dog ran around the house quite happily wearing it, so of course much hilarity ensued and many photos were taken (though not by me, as I’d forgotten the camera!)
Poor Gran was not to know that Simone doesn’t like dressing up. Christina, naturally - given her later choice of profession - was dressing up in absolutely anything she could lay her hands on from the age of about three, and Immy, though not quite as passionate about it, had a large dressing–up box too. I seem to remember that my mother-in-law’s other two granddaughters also liked wearing princess outfits when they were younger.  Anyway, Christina always comes to the rescue on occasions like this with her ability to amuse children by playing the fool, and Gran was happy because Naani was the centre of attention.  I've just realised that this is a rosehip and the skirt was rose coloured, and worn on the hips...
Tomorrow – in fact all next week – I’m going to have to get down to some serious work as I now seem to be terribly behind….. oh dear.

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