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Marlborough Waterfront (Sunday 22nd May 2016)

I visited the Waterfront at Marlborough this afternoon, armed with a take-out coffee from Waitrose,  and had a chat to Val from Waterfront Cottage who had spent the day gardening the water meadow and flower baskets for the community. Apparently, the water voles had a new family and the very small ones were to be seen sliding down large leaves used as chutes to propel them to their burrow entrances just above water level. They weren't around though so instead I viewed this young moorhen chick, later joined by its mother. After twenty minutes or so it began to rain and I set off for home.

22.5.2016 (2104 hr)

Blip #1843 (#2093 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #042
Day #2250
LOTD #1077 (#1201 including archived blips)

Taken with Pentax K-50 (Red) and Pentax HD P-DA 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED WR lens

River Kennet series
Marlborough series
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Now completed, for anyone interested:
The Wadworth Shires Visit The George Inn, Lacock, 14 May 2016 (Flickr album)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Beatles - I'm Down (recorded 14 June 1965)
There was a documentary on The Damned on 6 Music at lunch time. They recorded the Beatles' Help! on the B-side of their first single, even though Punk was supposedly the enemy of establishment figures like the Beatles or Pink Floyd (Nick Mason produced their second album, too). Brian James said he was a B-side man and had played I'm Down, in which Paul rocked out in manic Little Richard style so often that was blown away when he finally discovered the A-side, Help!, and had the band perform it at twice the speed of the original at their first recording session - another great B-side. They played this, and reminded me how good it was.

One year ago:
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