Up reasonably early for a Sunday, and over to Porty to pick up the kids. They'd already been down the Prom, cheering on the Marathon runners, by the time we arrived.

We piled into the car, put on the new Rozi Plain cd (which the kids loved), and then spent the next hour driving back into Edinburgh (Marathon related delays).

By the time we got out the car, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. We stopped off to get some food for a picnic lunch at Quartermile, then sat, eating and people watching.

After lunch we headed down towards the Grassmarket and along to Hidden Doors festival, which had some art and beer and music (we only indulged in the former today). The SBG loved it - lots of dark curtains to pull back, leading into rooms to explore.

Once we were all arted out, we headed along to Mary's Milk Bar for some ice creams, and did more sitting in the sun, people watching. A trip round Greyfriars Kirk , then back home for some dinner and reading before they headed back.

I got to FT my nephew (who was a chatterbox and full of mischief) before Iain got home and we slumped in front of the computer to catch up on Peaky Blinders and watch the haar rolling into Leith.

No Bank Holiday for me tomorrow. Back to work and entertaining 4 boys who are on some weird mid term holiday.

Wish me luck!

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