Northern Exposure

By Northern

Time management

I reckon the personel departments (sorry I believe that should be Human Resources) of the world wouldn't regard my work pattern/time management structure as being acceptable. And there are are some self employed who prefer to structure their day in the conventional 9 to 5 pattern, which if it works for them well and good. But I finally realised when I took the plunge and went freelance that... I CAN WORK WHEN I LIKE!!!!

So, now I work when I need to. I work when I'm inspired. I no longer stare at blank paper and worry about getting something done before having to go home. If I have deadline or I'm just plain enjoying what I'm working on, I'll work into the wee small hours.

When it's not too busy or I can just afford a bit of breathing space I'll do something else. Be it play with the kids, have coffee with a friend, go for a walk or just sit and watch repeats of Lovejoy on daytime tv, I can. No guilt, no regret, just fitting my work to the times when I'm productive.

So today... worked in the morning, met a friend for long lunch, took late library books back, bought tickets for the cinema on Sunday then headed home via this beach. These are the cliffs you can see in the distance in this pic. And the lighthouse in the distance is on Copinsay. Just wish I could have captured feeling the sun on my back and the wind sandblasting my face.

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