Small boys doing what small boys do best

Not messing about in boats, because I don't think they were about to leap into that rather substantial rib and hotwire it, but rather messing about on piers dressed in their very striking blue and red overalls.

We went out again this afternoon with Carol aka Pringle, and she kindly drove us all over Lunnasting and Nesting, looking for hidden corners where photo opportunities might lurk. The best ones were to be had on the Lunna peninsula, in particular with the scenically located Lunna Kirk and nearby Lunna House, from where the operations of the Shetland Bus were coordinated. It was great to meet Carol, because we learned a lot more about Shetland from her than we could from any guidebook. So, thanks, Carol. Hope to see you again if we come up to Shetland or if you come down to Edinburgh.

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