Tiny Tuesday Anniversery

Happy Birthday Tiny Tuesday!
I just can't believe it that it is already one year since this wonderful challence started. Thousand thanks go to Walking Wombat :-D !!!

My eyes were getting open in this time for the tiny things around me and I had so much fun and I learned a lot.

For example I learned today:
- Hanullis have problems to stay in balance with some wind.
- There are a lot of different bees.
- Bees of all kinds refuse the inviting for the celebtation.
- A camera starts to get heavier when you focus a long time on a subject.
  (Perhaps you should take a tripod with you , even on a dogwalk?)
- It is hard to stay concentrated when you wait for a long time for a bee.
  (You will miss the only brave bee, if you are playing with your
  camera while waiting)
- And you will be very happy if you finally get the shot you wanted :-D !!!

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