A little bit of gardening

Worked, graded portfolios, talked with colleagues, went shopping for salad stuff, came home sweaty and weak at the knees. Keith has the lurgy too, which is bad timing as we try to get ill in shifts so we can care for each other properly!

Opened all the windows and let the warm air blow through the house, it feels lovely to be able to change the air like this, but it got really damp later on.

Washed some clothes and pulled up some dandelions, and other growing things that aren't wanted where they were growing - grass in the flower beds for example. Got eaten by insects. Tired of that, came in. Made tea for two and am now quietly collapsing.

No drugs in the system = a lot of coughing my head off, yucky for all who have to hear it. This aquilegia is self seeded and thinks growing out of the stone flags by the front door is just great. So do I, my favourite colour of all time as well.

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