The vast majority of good deeds I've done go by unnoticed, and that's fine by me. A recent one, that I'd completely forgotten about, to the extent that I didn't mention it with that day's Blip, was appreciated... and brought some great relief to a couple of folk up Invergordon way. So much so that they sent me a thank you, along with a reward. Which was very nice of them.

The deed done was fairly humble... aside from dodging fast rush hour traffic to reach the item(s) - a car petrol cap with large Peugeot car key sticking out of it, along with a large bunch of keys and two small supermarket loyalty cards. Had it lain on the road much longer, it no doubt would have been crushed by all the traffic, so it was just lucky that I came by when I did. A wee detour to drop it off at the Police Station, and then continue with the cycle journey home. Those loyalty cards would've made the Police's job of identifying the owner fairly simple, and perhaps I should add one to my minimalist little bunch of keys. Those car blip (as opposed to Blip) thingies don't come cheap, if you have to replace one.

Will likely add the cash equivalent of that voucher to whoever I sponsor for this year's Highland Cross. That'll give them a boost.

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