A world of chance

By PrebuiltDave

A few quirks!

We watched a show about OCD last night. and after watching it i can confirm i do not have OCD i have a few quirks that are very easy to manage!

I always used to say i have OCD a tiny bit but i really don't!

My quirks are as follows!

1. I used to do things in 7's but have in the last year changed it to 8. because then it is 7 but with one for luck!

2.In my house we have a under stairs cupboard with a door on it. Now when ever i walk past it i give the door a pull till it clicks.

3.When walking in the street but only on my own for some reason i walk on the set of three drain covers every one says is bad luck.

4.When walking on my own if i have to cross the road and am facing a tree i will only walk round the right hand side of it.

5.Last and luckily finally if i see something, it can be anything and look at it for a period of time my brain tells me to touch it otherwise something bad will happen. so guess what? I touch it!

All of these things really don't bother me, i think its because when i'm with people i rarely do any of them! I think its only when i'm alone.

I think everyone has little quirks.

Ohh before i forget i also like to touch objects to see what there made from. Ali always say to me "You have to touch don't you"

But i think that's just curiosity!

Anyway try and have a good day everyone!

Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'
Keep on truckin'

One for luck to make 8.

Keep on truckin'

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