Macbeth at the Sara Hildén's statue garden

Today was Emma's last school day, they had a bicycle excursion across the Pirkkala. The spring festival will end the school year tomorrow morning. 

In the evening me, hubby and Emma went to see  a drama by Juha Hurme & Oklahoma's outdoor theatre group at the statue garden of the Sara Hildén Art Museum. Hurme's group performed William Shakespeare's play Macbeth. We enjoyed the screening a lot, only the cold wind from the Näsijärvi lake chilled our feelings. For its part, this performance celebrated 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Here is a one page summary of Macbeth. It's a tragic story how having too much ambition can make you choose the wrong course of action.

Today was the last hot day for the time being, the air started to cool off in the evening (the freezing wind from the north!).

+24°C, mostly sunny

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