Mr and Mrs Shoveler......

.....having a wee siesta after lunch. Mr has one beady yellow eye keeping an eye on me while Mrs is nicely tucked in with her wee eye closed.

The New Zealand Shoveler is widespread especially on lowland lakes and wetlands. They are a medium sized duck with a large grey spatulate bill. They breed in thick grass or rough pasture, the female incubates while the male stands guard.

Scientific name: Anas rhynchotis variegate
Common name: New Zealand Shoveler
Maori name: Kuruwhengi

I'm chuffed  you all enjoyed my kingfisher shot from yesterday. It was a bit hit and miss as I was surprised at how quickly they fly when they decide to take off. Thank you for the hearts, stars and most of all your encouraging and thoughtful words, so very much appreciated.

Jack Frost came knocking this morning leaving my impatiens looking a terrible sight. I pulled some of them out before heading to the lakes for a wander in the sun with camera in hand.

I also called in to see mum (walkingS) who has put up another blip via her phone, such a quick easy way to blip once you know the process.

Nearly sunset time, the sky is soft and the garden looks cold, I think Jack Frost will be knocking at the door again tonight.

Holiday tomorrow being Queen's Birthday weekend - enjoy :)

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