C21st Gododdin

By rjevans6

Only a number ...

I'll confess - it wasn't worrying about how to blip number 500 (which might in any case be 501 - one is missing, for dull reasons I won't go into), but regrettably the regrettable referendum.

Should I take seriously to Twitter: "@IainDunkinSmith: are you saying my EU28 spouse of 12yrs shd leave? #2adults1vote"; "@Govey: srry bout yr dad's boat, what about my European identity & family?"; "@PMcallmedave: if you lose EUref I will haunt you posh boy #theworstpoliticaljudgementevah". And much more of the same sleep-deprived sort.

Ah well. The day dawned; we visited friends bearing croissants and brioche, and set the world a little to rights; an afternoon commitment for one freed up time for lunch for two and some idle snapping ...

On the labyrinthitis front, things seem to be moving in the right direction. We'll see what the doctor says tomorrow, but I reckon I'm fit to work from home.

So, 500/501/n/x/whatever the number actually is - Blipfoto is still great fun; I've "met" a bunch of talented and inspiring people; and I'm constantly being reminded to try and look at the world I move through with fresh eyes. Which can't be a bad thing.

The picture? My classic Classics mistake. Should've been a D, not an L, but too late now: fugit irreparabile tempus, as BoJo probably won't say in public until it's all over ...

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