By JoolzF

Hideous or Stylish?

I didn't have much opportunity to get out during the day, but in the evening went to see The Dark Knight Rises on the Giant Screen at Birmingham's Millennium Point.

This was my only opportunity for a blip, and I have settled on this image of the controversial new car park there. When the initial design was sent to the city's planning committee it met with almost unanimous disapproval. One councillor commented, "It looks like something that had been shelled in Beirut. It has no aesthetic value at all".

The design was sent back to the architects for revision, but surprisingly the building that was ultimately constructed doesn't look all that different from the original design. You can see the original design here.

Not everyone agrees that it is hideous though because, would you believe, it has won the "Best New Car Park" award in this year's British Parking Awards.

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