By wellsforzoe

Home based Care for HIV and AIDS

7th June 2016:

The girls begin in Katota Primary School at about 8 am each morning and afterwards head for some of our projects.
Today was a very special one. They went to Lusangazi Home Based Care programme, which is a local initiative to support those living with HIV/AIDS infection.
The meetings take place at the little heath centre we built a number of years ago, and on each visit we meet the group, and do what we can to support them.
Today’s meeting was small mainly as a result of very heavy rains in the morning, but the bonus for us was that each of the group, in turn, told their own very personal, harrowing stories, which will live with us forever.
It is a life sentence without parole made even harder by the cut-backs in the health service, if that could be possible.
The ARVs are provided free by the international community, like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Bill Clinton and so on, but it looks live ongoing support and testing is a thing of the past.
Mary our long term friend has had the virus for 18 years now and attributes her good health to organically grown food without artificial fertilizer or chemical pesticides. Our farm can be a great support for her.
We also popped in to the Capuchin Secondary School to see the students and the hostel for girls where we supported the building.

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