Dry dock

Today we left our little B&B for our final day of cycling, a mere 62.7 km from Portbail to Cherbourg. We went past a pretty impressive châteaux on the way (see extra). It was pretty dull, cold and cloudy most of the day, but by the time we arrived at our final B&B it has cleared up and was warm and sunny if you were out of the wind.

We put our bikes in the garage, changed and then went for a walk round town. The city was pretty much levelled during the war and the post-war rebuild hasn't been very pretty. We were pretty underwhelmed by the shopping options, but we did find some very nice tinned fish to bring home. Dinner wasn't too bad but not the best I've ever had in France either.

Today's back blip is a very bright red boat in a a dry dock, that I and a few other people had to look at and take a picture off. The other extra picture is an old fishing boat in the harbour that I also liked.

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