One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Mr Nissan-me-me-me-look-at-me-Juke-the-joker has obviously not read the memo on mandatory boring colour schemes for cars. 
He'll learn. He'll get back in line.

Talking about lines, he is parked under the double yellow ones. 

As I type, the drones of the DLRCOCO Parking Services are on their way to deliver a well-deserved ticket. 

In other news, Finn managed to produce his first armpit fart today. After weeks of trying. I was almost as chuffed as he was. I asked him who showed him, and who is the best at armpits farts in his class. It happens to be the one and same person: Oisin. 

He has been showing off his superior armpit farting skills for weeks.

It looks like he has a competitor now. 

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