creative lenna

By creativelenna

getting the boat ready

I stopped by Lucas Boatworks today to visit with my husband and see what our boat Chelsea looks like, now that he has refinished her. This is the boat that we will be towing behind our car when we drive from Florida with our dogs - all the way to Wolfe Island in Ontario, Canada. We will spend 3 weeks there and I will only have dial-up internet at best! Perhaps it will be a lovely change for me . . . it is beautiful there.

Steve is in his element here, showing me what he has done, what got fixed, what he has figured out . . .  it makes me smile. We did not own this boat the last time we visited Wolfe Island 3 years ago . . .  it will be so fun to have it there. The cottage is right on the St. Lawrence River and I can just imagine us (and the dogs) going out in it ; ) I took more photos today while there, including a hawk that posed for me - you can view more here.

I'll be here as I can and don't worry if I do not show up here as much. : )

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