Rained Off

Have looked forward to Flower Friday all week Couldn't wait to get into the garden which has been bathed in sunlight everyday.Taken lots of flower shots and been quite pleased with them.
But yes, of course, that all changed today and it's pouring down; too wet to take the camera outside so the garden had to come indoors.
I chose this one, Osteopermum (commonly known as African Daisy). The plant was given to me as a cutting from a friends garden last year, literally one sprig just torn off near the base. It rooted quickly and is producing a pleasing display at the moment. I think in its native country it is classed as a weed.
Today the flowers were not fully open as the light was poor and they looked as if they were searching for the sun. A it like me!

Have cancelled plans to go out today so l'm getting out the sewing machine and recovering four garden seat pads and using the scraps to make some bunting! That's my DIY twist.

I've put a little 500 in the corner because that my current tally of consecutive blips.

Thanks Anni (Biker Bear) who somehow manages to host this challenge week after week.

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