overlapping magisteria

I had never thought to see the day when the walking-around-on-soggy-and/or-lumpy-things-without-slipping-ness of Vibram would be combined with the clippyness of bicycle pedal-attachments. Even though I've only been using bicycle pedal-attachments for just over a year. When I travelled further walking than cycling and went through a pair of shoes every six months it was important to ensure than they were nice and grippy but the same pair I bought a couple of years ago are still quite usable now after not being battered as heavily as their predecessors. Bike-shoes are still usable after a little over a year but a chunk of the tread has fallen off one of them and they've never been particularly good at stopping water getting in, either when it splashes up from the ground or falls from the sky. Thinking that it might take the usual several months of searching to find something which fits and fits my requirements I started looking for some waterproof walkable-in clippyshoes last month and found these, which have Vibram soles, but which were not in stock anywhere in town for trying-on purposes. They're about as well-fitting as the previous ones in that whilst they accommodate all five toes they leave little space for waggling, but accommodating all five toes is something quite rare in the world of shoes and when combined with alleged waterprofosity and Vibram it's as close to ideal as I'm likely to find.

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