Jesus Thrice Pose...

Apparently show and tell is a semi regular Friday thing. I have Bethany my maraca seed pod thing along with the story of how I obtained it and where it came from.

I don't think I've ever blipped the seed pods and was trying to look up the species to no avail but they are a brilliant reminder of the holiday.

Ewan wanted to take his big M&M teddy which barely fit in his bag.

On a progress note, we've stated sending and letting them get home to and from school by themselves. Together, but without our supervision. It just so happened that I managed to get them going at the same time as her friend from next door and her mum but it's a start. First day I told them they were on their own but drove to a street where I could see the get to school.

Today I too them to the end of the street. I went up for the bus. They went down to school.

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