Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

Slides from my Rolleiflex.....

I didn't take these photos...they were taken in the 60's using my wonderful Rolleiflex camera which is now ready to go with the 120 film loaded...all I need to do now is read the manual and get it set up ready for some shots outside....unfortunately it's pouring down here today so it will have to wait for a nice sunny day when I can take my time setting it up as there are only 12 shots per roll of film.
The images came from some slides (apologies for the awful background!) which were in a box with the camera when I collected it on Thursday and they depict the Forth Road and Rail bridges as well as the opening of the Forth Road Bridge in September 1964.  I have been hunting for lists of serial numbers online which would date my camera to a specific year but it seems to be around 1964-66 and these shots would bear that out.  I can't wait to try it out now that I've seen how rich the colours are...these slides were a bit dusty so there are loads of marks on them but I am going to give the lenses a good clean up before I use it but everything looks in fine order with little dust and hardly any wear.....

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