live and love your life

By Chocolatelover


A lazy and lovely day..

Typical weekend...

I started to move my lazy ass to swept the floor around 2pm, mopped the floor.. then took a nap..

Took this photo before the Iftar.

Iftar at 5.48pm today..we've had kolak pisang and toast and hot tea.
It's advisable to eat sweet foods for breaking the fast (Iftar), or eating dates. But if you don't like sweet foods, you can eat anything you want, but don't eat too much, eat before your tummy gets full or just enough, if too full you will be lazy or sleepy to do prayer. 
Usually when after fasting, the stomach can not directly receive a lot of food, eat a little already satiate your tummy.

Hope you are having a lovely day, blipchums! Enjoy your weekend. x

Sometimes we see other people's lives happier.
Though his life could have been more difficult
Only, he did not complain.

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