DIY flower

Another tiring day of fieldwork in Kent, exacerbated by the unexpected heat and a frustrating drive back to Peterborough, with nearly all the roads between Cambridge and Huntingdon experiencing various delays. My right knee starts to complain after two hours of driving, and after three hours it was becoming very painful indeed. Fortunately it's fine as soon as I stop and walk around. Pimms and lemonade in the garden never tasted so good!

As we were doing a lot of walking I'd only taken my Panasonic, and returned home with a small number of site shots, and a rather awful shot of Pale Flax, which was growing in some profusion on a road verge. As the twist in this week's Flower Friday was DIY, I decided to create my own livelier version, though this probably wasn't Anni's intention when she set the theme!.

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