Conversations, meshed together via soliloquies. 02

aka “507604776_7b1d080c46_o_xnview_dreamscopeapp_2”

In what may have been another life or time I was keen on painting as a means of expression, filling up even journals with brush strokes and/or scratches, and which I managed to digitize and spread all around the interconnected world of artificially cooled machines, ready to serve them up upon specific request... this week will be another trip down memory lanes, courtesy of images from one of my Flickr accounts painted over with er paintings available at my Society6 account, meshed together with that very dandy Dreamscope web app.

Hang in there: ✌!

Original image + original painting.

Extra photo: another version of the same image, painted over with the above-mentioned painting but with the original image colors, which is a nifty *new* feature of the above-mentioned web app. Yep.

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