By Veronica


We called in to see B today; she'd been doing some sorting out, and found this book which she'd forgotten all about. A visiting American academic had interviewed J in 1982 about his "recareering" at the age of 50 from economics lecturer to restaurateur. "I'd forgotten all about it," she said, "but there are turns of phrase that are so recognisable as him."  Indeed, it was touching to read it. He'd left school at fifteen and then later returned to adult education, then university, and got a good degree.

This is the key to me, if you want to do it, if you really want to do it, you can do it. [...] Better than to deal with IQ is to deal with the will, whether you want to do it or not. If you want to do it, then you'll do it. Really, that to me is what sums it all up.

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