Another top day

Today I took Wayne to the Ringling Museum and grounds, which is where this photo of these sweet roses was taken. I have featured Mable Ringling's Rose Garden in previous blipfoto entries, but this one is special because I had my blip friend wayne with me, someone who amazingly takes even more photos than I do!! How refreshing :O)

I knew that Wayne liked architecture and history from our conversations, so we started with a tour of Ca' d'Zan, which is Venetian for the House of John (as in John Ringling). The ornate 56 room mansion on Sarasota Bay is part of the Ringling Museum. I have done this tour before, but each docent gives a little more, or a little different information about the house and it's history, so it was quite enjoyable. 

We also visited the Circus museum and the Tibbals Learning Center that has a 3,800 square foot Circus Model (miniatures) based on The Ringling Circus from 1919-1938, complete with a history on how the Circus was run -how they managed the operations. More than 44,000 pieces were made to recreate this circus model.... gosh, we both found this exhibit amazing! 

And, the ARt Museum at the Ringling was a must! I had to start by showing wayne the painting done by my great Uncle William Glackens that is held there. We then went on to some very large paintings by Rubens and many more. We did not have time to see all of the art there, but Wayne saw a good selection and we also walked out into the massive courtyard when were were even more photo opportunities including a replica of the statue of David! 

We headed back home where Steve picked us up via our boat Chelsea, so Wayne could experience a boat ride on the Braden River to Lucas Boatworks! Dogs too of course and you will find some extra pictures . . . one Steve took of me & wayne in the boat with the pups, and another I took of wayne & steve at the boatworks. Wayne got to meet and chat with Dave & Helen Lucas as well. What a lovely day, again! Tomorrow we will drive Wayne up not too far away to another friend's home where he will stay for a few days before his long journey back to Australia. I will get ready to travel to CT to visit with my sister on Friday night! We will go to PA, specifically to visit the Barnes Foundation where more paintings & illustrations by my great uncle are held. A busy but very fulfilling time. 

Thanks very much for your visits, comments and all, so very appreciated. I may not be able to respond personally, but know your kindness is appreciated. It's been a great visit, and my only hope is that the next time Wayne visits, that Tina may be able to come here with him too. I think she would love it! 

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